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From: Dean Michael Berris (mikhailberis_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-28 16:54:15

On 6/29/06, Rene Rivera <grafikrobot_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Dean Michael Berris wrote:
> > NOTE: I only uncommented "using msvc ; " in user-config.jam -- please
> > let me know if there are other things that might be helpful to make
> > sense of the stuff posted above.
> Please mention what version of Boost in CVS you are using. Is it the
> HEAD or RC_1_34_0 branch?

I did a "cvs status -l -v" and here is the output of the file named
boost-build.jam in the boost root directory:

File: boost-build.jam Status: Up-to-date

   Working revision: 1.9
   Repository revision: 1.9 /cvsroot/boost/boost/boost-build.jam,v
   Sticky Tag: (none)
   Sticky Date: (none)
   Sticky Options: (none)

   Existing Tags:
        RC_1_34_0 (branch: 1.9.2)
        merged_to_RC_1_34_0 (revision: 1.9)
        Version_1_33_1 (revision: 1.8)
        Version_1_33_1_beta (revision: 1.8)
        Version_1_33_0 (revision: 1.8)
        RC_1_33_0 (branch: 1.8.14)
        merged_to_RC_1_33_0 (revision: 1.8)
        SPIRIT_RC_1_6_2 (branch: 1.8.12)
        SPIRIT_RC_1_8_2 (branch: 1.8.10)
        SPIRIT_MINIBOOST (branch: 1.8.8)
        Version_1_32_0 (revision: 1.8)
        RC_1_32_0 (branch: 1.8.6)
        merged_to_RC_1_32_0 (revision: 1.8)
        merged_to_RC_ (revision: 1.8)
        function_signature_patches_1_31 (branch: 1.8.4)
        minmax (revision: 1.8)
        Version_1_31_0 (revision: 1.8)
        RC_1_31_0 (branch: 1.8.2)
        merged_to_RC_1_31_0 (revision: 1.8)
        Version_1_30_2 (revision: 1.5)
        RC_1_30_2 (revision: 1.5)
        Version_1_30_1 (revision: 1.5)
        mpl_v2_2 (branch: 1.7.2)
        Version_1_30_0 (revision: 1.5)
        merged_to_RC_1_30_0 (revision: 1.5)
        RC_1_30_0 (branch: 1.5.2)
        Version_1_29_0 (revision: 1.3)
        boost_python_llnl_ (revision: 1.3)
        RC_1_29_0 (branch: 1.3.4)
        python-v2-dev (branch: 1.3.2)
        RC_1_28_0_last_merge (revision:
        Version_1_28_0 (revision:
        RC_1_28_0 (branch: 1.2.2)

> Please mention more details as to what it failed to do. Like which
> headers it failed to copy. I know we can likely figure out what failed
> ourselves but knowing ahead of time speeds up fixing the problems.

I had forgot the exact details, but as far as I can recall, the
headers it failed to copy are in boost/mpl/aux_/config ,
boost/mpl/aux_/preprocessor/ , boost/mpl/aux_/preprocessed ,
boost/repetition/detail/msvc/for.hpp -- I can only mention these
because I had only copied over what was required to build the library
I am working on.

Hope this helps!

Dean Michael C. Berris
C/C++ Software Architect
Orange and Bronze Software Labs
Mobile: +639287291459
Email: dean [at] orangeandbronze [dot] com

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