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From: Jody Hagins (jody-boost-011304_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-07-06 10:07:38

On Thu, 06 Jul 2006 07:43:41 +0800
Joel de Guzman <joel_at_[hidden]> wrote:

> I'm not making a proposal. I just stated my preference when I
> said "Me, I prefer the immutable and functional approach". Now,
> it might be worthwhile to invest some time in defending that.
> Maybe I would, when time permits, but certainly not to someone
> who starts going "Blech" the very moment he reads "immutable"
> or "functional". ;)

Ah... then I misrepresented my position yet again. I was hoping that
FC++ would be accepted, and I even tried to get Brian interested in
applying here (though we don't do much in the center of his tool
interest). I am definitely NOT opposed to either immutable interfaces
or functional methodologies on a fundamental basis.

I am, however, opposed to the idea of replacing mutable interfaces in
C++, which have a long track record of success with immutable ones, with
nothing more than something akin to "I like them better." Furthermore,
I am opposed to replacing ANY existing good practice with another
without good reasoning as to why it is better. That's one reason I like
C++ so much. There are lots of areas in which to specialize, but you
have a huge solution space in which to work. You are never left with
just one way to do things.

I was weened on lisp, and moved to smalltalk. I haven't played in that
world for more than 15 years now, though. My memory isn't all that
great, but at times I wish I could go back to the smalltalk world. I'm
sure by now they have addressed the terrible performance (I actually
heard that a major electric utility company on the east coast of the U.S
has their entire operation written in smalltalk).

I'm genuinely interested in your response. I have a great deal of
respect for your work and opinion. If you think back a bit, you will
remember that I tried to hire you as well, before you joined Boost

Oh well, I guess I've wondered off topic sufficiently to take further
stuff to private email (unelss you really do want to share your
reasoning for immutable interfaces -- you seem to have several people on
this list who share your opinion -- I truly am interested).

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