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From: Oliver.Kowalke_at_[hidden]
Date: 2006-08-17 08:13:20

I suggest following features as additions to boost.process:

- status should also check for continued state with WIFCONTINUED and
return SIGCONT as signal
- posix_child::wait should support the flags WUNTRACED and WCONTINUED
- new satic function static std::pair< posix_child, status >
posix_child::wait() which supports the flags WNOHANG, WUNTRACED and
WCONTINUED (used inside of SIGCHLD signal handler)
- posix_child shoulkd implement following functions exist -> ::kill(
pid, 0), stopp -> ::kill( pid, SIGSTOP), continue -> ::kill( pid,
SIGCONT), terminate -> ::kill( pid, SIGTERM), kill -> ::kill( pid,
SIGKILL), usr1 -> ::kill( pid, SIGUSR1) and usr2 -> ::kill( pid,
- posix_launcher should support rlimits -> ::set_relimit(), priority ->
::setpriority(), process group id -> ::setpgid(), session leader ->
::setsid(), creation mask -> ::umask()


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