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From: Janek Kozicki (janek_listy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-12-10 12:35:03

Douglas Gregor said: (by the date of Sun, 10 Dec 2006 12:01:15 -0500)

> Boost Regression test failures
> Report time: 2006-12-07T21:54:52Z
> The following platforms have a large number of failures:
> borland-5.8.2

What happened to borland? Just curious...

If not's not a technical problem of type "it's just the borland
installation on test machine got borked", then maybe we drop support
for this platform?

To check what are the real problems I did following:

  cat report.txt | sed -e "s/borland-5.8.2//" | grep -v ": \*\$"

on this report. I'm about 80% sure that this filter works as
intended, so you can check it yourself ;) Maybe it will come handy with
hext reports.

The '*' represents 'borland-5.8.2*' failure, not everywhere it's
present, which means that some tests PASS on this platform, which is

Here is the output:

  class_concept_fail_expected: borland-5.6.4 * msvc-6.5 msvc-6.5 msvc-7.0 qcc-3.3.5_cpp qcc-3.3.5_gpp
  concept_check_fail_expected: qcc-3.3.5_cpp qcc-3.3.5_gpp

  finite_state_filter_test: cw-9.4

  common_factor_test: * borland-5.8.2* msvc-6.5 msvc-7.0 qcc-3.3.5_cpp qcc-3.3.5_gpp

  traits_test: intel-linux-9.0

  regex_regress_threaded: msvc-6.5

  test_derived_class_ptr_text_warchive_dll: * intel-linux-9.0
  test_diamond_binary_archive: * intel-linux-9.0
  test_list_text_archive: * intel-linux-9.0
  test_no_rtti_xml_archive_dll: qcc-3.3.5_gpp
  test_reset_object_address: * msvc-7.0
  test_reset_object_address_dll: * msvc-7.0

  deletion_test: * msvc-6.5
  ordering_test: * msvc-6.5
  signal_n_test: * msvc-6.5
  trackable_test: * msvc-6.5

  prg_exec_fail2: * darwin-4.0.1
  prg_exec_fail3: * cw-9.4

  operators_test: * gcc-3.4.5_linux_x86_64

  testwave: intel-linux-9.0

  test3u: qcc-3.3.5_cpp

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