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From: Michael Marcin (mike_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-01-24 11:35:20

Mateusz Loskot wrote:
> Anthony Williams wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I've just started on a project which is Windows CE based, using Microsoft
>> Embedded Visual C++ V3 and V4, and I'm having trouble using boost. There are
>> several #defines in the code that cover Windows CE (e.g. BOOST_NO_ANSI_APIS),
>> so somebody must be using boost successfully.
> I've used but only some of Boost libraries like smart pointers, any, and
> other small stuff, with eVC++ 4.0 and Visual C++ 8.0
>> So, my first question is: what compiler(s) are people using for Windows CE?
> I used to use eVC++ 3.0 for ~1 year, next I was glad to
> move to eVC++ 4.0.
> Finally, I'm extremely happy and my psyche is healthier
> after I moved to Visual C++ 8.0 :-)
> Certainly, selection of toolset depends on a) target platform and b)
> budget becasue Visual C++ 8.0 is not free.
> Here you can find a nice matrix presenting what Windows CE-based
> systems are supported by what tools:
> Generally, if you are able to drop eVC++ line, do it as fast
> as you can.
>> Secondly, though these compilers are pretty similar to MSVC6 in terms of
>> direct C++ language support,
> eVC++ 3.0 and 4.0 are just Visual C++ 6.0, so these are considered
> as the same compiler in terms of C++ support - *weak support*
>> they are further hampered by the lack of
>> exceptions and RTTI for the Windows CE targets needed for my project, and by
>> the lack of a decent Standard Library.
> You can install RTTI patch for Windows CE 4.x platform:
>> I've managed to overcome the latter by
>> using STLPort 5.1, but much of boost is still not usable due to the lack of
>> exceptions and RTTI --- I can't even use simple stuff like lexical_cast! Am I
>> the only one in this boat, or has anyone got any recommendations?
> Try the patch above and check if it helps.

That's quite useful to know.


Michael Marcin

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