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From: Matthias Schabel (boost_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-02-07 12:42:40


>>> I would suggest that you have a
>>> pod_quantity for defining the various
>>> constants so that they can be safely
>>> used during the dynamic initilization
>>> phase.
> template<class Unit, class T = double>
> struct pod_quantity {
> //like quantity but without constructors/assignment operators
> T val_;
> };
> constants.hpp
> pod_quantity<si::velocity> c = { 299792458 };

The problem with this is that you lose the type-safety of forcing
explicit value+unit
construction of quantities. That is, if someone decided to express
the constant in
cgs units instead and just did a global search and replace for si:: -
> cgs:: the code
would suddenly have a bug because there would be no way for the
compiler to know
that the specified constant value was meant to be in SI units. By
requiring constructs

quantity<si::velocity> c(299792458*si::meters/si::second);

you would get an error here:

quantity<cgs::velocity> c(299792458*cgs::meters/cgs::second);

because there is no meter defined in cgs. There has to be a better
solution to the
dynamic initialization problem...anyone?


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