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From: Marc Mutz (marc_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-05-02 09:04:55


I'm trying to build the project I'm working on with boost 1.34.0-beta. We have
used 1.33.1, and 1.32 before that. I cannot recall having seen so many
warnings being spit at me than now (of course, we have started to use a lot
more boost libraries in the last two years, and I have been using the Debian
packages for 1.33.1 which apparently had a slew of those warnings fixed).

I see not only warnings for esoteric levels like when using a C-style cast,
but also whenever BOOST_WORKAROUND is used, which apparently expands to
something like
  #if __MACRO__ rel version
which prompts gcc to warn about __MACRO__ not being defined.

This is purely a quality of implementation issue, I know, and I have seen
people sending patches for these things (incidentally, Debian people :), but
I want to put in my voice from the trench that I'm disappointed that less and
less of boost compiles w/o warnings. I for one think that this is a serious
issue, and I encourage you to accept such patches (not for 1.34.0, obviously,
but 1.34.1) and make it a release goal for 1.35 (or 1.34.1) to reduce the
number of warnings to a decent level. Maybe change the regression tests to
highlight any kind of compiler diagnostics in <pick your favorite color>.

And: Debianers, keep up the good work!


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