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From: Peter Dimov (pdimov_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-06-03 11:35:29

Beman Dawes wrote:

> There is a fresh draft of a Boost Development Environment proposal up
> at

This is a very well thought-out piece. I see one minor problem with it: it
depends on additional work from the developers, namely, explicit merge
requests. I'm afraid that the principle of least resistance will result in
work happening on -devel and -stable stagnating due to lack of merge
requests. In a non-volunteer ogranization one will have the authority and
means to enforce the procedures and prevent this, but I'm not sure about

That said, it might be good time for us to radically rethink the structure
of Boost and decouple versions from releases. Versions should be
per-library, and releases should be a set of versions. This separation ought
to be enforced on a directory tree level, as in:


with nothing else allowed in boost/. A separate compat/ directory would hold
the current contents of boost/ (header name-wise), giving people a migration

This should probably come with a stricter dependency management approach
than the current "none". Each library should list its dependencies,
per-library tests should operate on a subtree formed by the dependencies and
not on the full boost/ tree, adding an additional dependency should be
frowned upon. We might consider introducing "dependency levels" such that a
level N library can depend on level N-1 libraries, but not vice versa.

With this organization, several releases can proceed in parallel, it being
the sole responsibility of the release manager to pick the correct library
subset and their versions such that the result is a stable release. More
importantly, it allows developers to concentrate on improving their

Once there one could venture into the direction that packaging a specific
release should be the job of the installer and not of the release manager;
that is, Boost should package individual library versions, not a monolithic The installer probably ought to also allow upgrading a single
library (or adding a new library) should the user so choose.

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