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From: Alec Ross (alec_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-07-06 09:56:22

In message <1183728826611_at_[hidden]>, Phil Endecott
<spam_from_boost_dev_at_[hidden]> writes
>Alec Ross wrote:
>I have also considered using WxWidgets and rejected it after seeing
>that page.
>> This doc is obviously obsolete wrt the development codebase, and the
>> direction that it is taking.
>Can you share a URL?
Phil, if it comes to it, I might look up one, and post it. But Vadim
Zeitlin has a post in train that has not yet made it to this list. He
would be far better placed than I to answer this kind of question in
detail if that is needed.

>I've just looked at their "Latest manual build
>from the CVS online" at
> and it
>seems to entirely follow those guidelines, with their own home-made
>string, list and vector classes, a "WX" prefix instead of a namespace,
>sentinel values to indicate errors, and so on. If this is out of date
>that is great news, but they are keeping their new stuff well hidden!
In brief, my take on this is that wxWidgets _can_ be used with "modern"
C++ code and idioms. And the core of wxWidgets itself is being

>> FWIW I have been using STL quite satisfactorily with wxWidgets for
>> several years.
>If you have a wrapper layer that converts WxString<->std::string,
>WxList<->std::list etc., please share it!
Vadim, again. (?) (Though I could post URLs to wxWidgets posts.)

BTW, I'm in doubt as to just how far OT this thread is going wrt Boost.
I've continued here since it was raised here, and I think it worth
noting, inter alia, that wxW can be used with contemporary C++ idioms
and code such as Boost. But I'm inclined to shut up from now on. If
your specific questions seem to go without satisfactory resolution here,
Phil, I'll try to answer them off list.



Alec Ross

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