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From: brass goowy (brass_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-05-25 18:43:46

Scott Woods writes: >Hi, >Is there a place in Boost for a library that tackles all of the above? I >believe the realistic >answer is no but I would be happy to be proven wrong. >Work in the different areas mentioned in the subject line recently collapsed >into a single >underlying technique. Given the example UDT below; >struct person >{ >std::string name; >std::vector<unsigned> score; >std::set<string> team; >}; >persistence is achieved using; >person new_member; >codec_object<person> configuration( "profile" ) >configuration << new_member; // Save in a disk file name >"profile" >configuration >> new_member; // Load from the same disk file >transmitting the same object between threads looks like; >send( new_member, other_thread ); >while receiving that transmission occurs in code that looks like; >my_thread::received( person &new_member ) >{ >.. >} >Transmission of messages across networks looks like; >send( new_member, socket_proxy ); >Yes, its the same as for inter-thread communications. The "socket_proxy" >just >happens to be a variation on "my_thread" that forwards materials it receives >onto a socket connection. >Logging looks like; >WINSOCK( socket, AF_INET << SOCK_STREAM << 0 ); >COMMENTARY( "connection to " << address_entered << " failed (" << >failure << ")" ); >Logging messages can be routed anywhere based on the type and unique >identity of >the originating party. >The fragments of code provided above hide a lot. While that's technically >desirable >I can appreciate that it might not flesh out my question at all (i.e. > in Boost). But >actually this is precisely the most compelling thing about the library - it >reduces code >that traditionally can be quite difficult into fragments such as those >shown. Shalom From what you've shown it looks like the duplication of data members in serialization methods is not needed. Some have been struggling to eliminate the need for that duplication -- . Maybe more details about codec_object<> would be helpful. Brian Wood Ebenezer Enterprises

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