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From: hervebronnimann_at_[hidden]
Date: 2008-06-26 09:24:38

I'm sure that Joaquin, Jaakko, Ion and I (among others) have long ago been used to the transliteration of our names. After being called Arve by credit cards and phone vendors (a good test for hanging up quickly!) I for one no longer care about it, although I write it correctly in latex, word, html, etc. and I did edit by hand and get notarized the birth certificates of my children and they are learning to write their names properly :-)

Seriously, given that alll documentation is in English, why should we care that a copyright name is transliterated? It still has legal value, which is the only purpose of the notice. For the rest (documentation, etc) we can put our hearts content o diacritical marks.

Herve' Bro"nnimann (if you can read that :)

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From: Beman Dawes <bdawes_at_[hidden]>

Date: Thu, 26 Jun 2008 06:03:36
Subject: Re: [boost] [inspect] Hall of Shame plus non-ASCII characters

joaquin_at_[hidden] wrote:
> Beman Dawes escribió:
>> There is a fresh run of the trunk inspect report up at
>> A couple of things are different:
>> * A "Hall of Shame" has been added to highlight what libraries are the
>> worst offenders. I'm open to suggestions as to at what point we should
>> cut off reporting. Maybe limit it to the worst 10 libraries?
>> * A check for non-ASCII characters in source files has been added by
>> Marshall Clow. It is picking up non-ASCII characters in people's names
>> in copyright messages; that's why Boost multi-index looks so bad in the
>> report. We need to come up with preferred approach for those with
>> non-ASCII characters in their names.
> I think the options are:
> 1. The inspect tool is modified so as to bypass author names (possibly
> taken from an author names
> file). In a sense, this defeats the whole purpose of the non-ASCII
> check, I guess.

There just isn't a way in standard C++ to deal with non-ASCII characters
that will preserve their correct display on all systems, and avoids
errors and/or warnings on some Asian language systems.

> 2. Supress all diacritical marks:
> Joaquín M López Muñoz --> Joaquin M Lopez Munoz

I think that's really the only viable choice. Authors are free to use
and transformation they desire, as long as it is entirely ASCII.

> 3. Encode with HTML entities:
> Joaquín M López Muñoz --> Joaqu&iacute;n M L&oacute;pez Mu&ntilde;oz

That makes the name much less readable except when viewed with a web
browser or other HTML aware renderer.

> Whatever approach is agreed upon I'll happily apply asap to
> Boost.MultiIndex.

Unless someone else comes up with an unexpected solution, I think you
are going to have to become Joaquín M López Muñoz --> Joaquin M Lopez

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