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Subject: Re: [boost] "boost cold shoulder" (was proposal for #pragma oncesupport)
From: Sid Sacek (ssacek_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-06-10 11:39:11

John and Pete,

I do appreciate your insights into the inner workings of the Boost
community. I'm not discouraged about the lack of interest in my
suggestion, but I was somewhat surprised. Boost libraries are one of
those things that make life better for programming engineers. I
believed that was the unwritten philosophy behind Boost, to "Make Life
Better." Extending that philosophical notion, the Boost libraries would
also know about the shortcomings of compilers and operating systems and
help to improve their performance as well, simply because it "makes life

I suppose I must have been mistaken about that... perhaps not everybody
in the Boost community has feelings of magnanimity and charity.

-Sid Sacek

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Subject: Re: [boost] "boost cold shoulder" (was proposal for #pragma

Pete Bartlett wrote:
>> I brought this topic up a couple of months ago, and I got the "Boost
>> Cold Shoulder".
>> You see, I believe the head-honchos here are GCC aficionados and
>> care much about Bill Gate's compilers.
>> I hope you do better than I did.
>> -Sid Sacek
> I'm not any sort of honcho here so I hope you don't mind if I

   I'm going to disagree, as well. I just went back into the archives
and looked at your thread, and I'm confused by your perception of a cold

shoulder. I count 26 posts in the thread over less than 4 days, in a
discussion that includes some library maintainers and one of the
moderators. This a reasonably active discussion for around here.

   I agree that no one showed up and said "You have permission, go ahead

and do it." However, as Pete points out, that just isn't the way Boost
works. All broad action in Boost happens by first building a wide
consensus in the community. If you notice, when moderators such as Dave
  or Beman have ideas for changes, they follow the same process of
discussion on the list and building consensus. On some occasions they
don't generate enough interest or agreement and their ideas go by the
wayside. It isn't always quick, but it is the way Boost works.

   More broadly, please continue contributing. Not every idea you have
will be what the community does, but getting your ideas in the mix is
central to how we function. (For the record, some of my ideas have gone
down in flames, or just produced no broad interest, so I know where of I



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