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Subject: Re: [boost] Dereferencing End Iterators (Was: Performance Tuning?)
From: Edward Grace (ej.grace_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-07-22 13:52:58

On 22 Jul 2009, at 18:02, Christopher Jefferson wrote:

> On 22 Jul 2009, at 16:23, Stewart, Robert wrote:
>>> Ultimately are random access iterators *supposed* to be homeomorphic
>>> to the integers in the same (apparent) way C indices are?
> I'm sure that:
> int a[3]
> int* b = a + 4;
> Is illegal C code, as you have gone outside the bounds of your array,
> even if you never dereference the pointer.

Following your minimalistic example, I'm thinking about:

typdef int index;
int a[3];

index i = 0; // Index idx is homeomorphic to the integers 'cause it
is one.

i -= 1000;
i += 2002;

int b=a[i];

That's clearly ok as idx is 2 and the last line is b=*(a + 2).


int *p = a;

p = p - 1000; // Undefined?
p = p + 1002; // Also undefined?

int b=*p;

Is presumably undefined.

That implies to me that pointer arithmetic is *not* like integer
arithmetic since the first example is not identical to the second.

Baring in mind the old adage of Mark Twain,

it seems to me absurd that they are not the same. I guess that's
just the way it is.


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