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Subject: Re: [boost] [uuid] - release schedule
From: Daniel James (daniel_james_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-12-14 15:46:30

2009/12/14 Andy Tompkins <atompkins_at_[hidden]>:
> Hi release managers,
> I have been working to get the uuid library to pass for the different
> toolsets in trunk.  The only failures (since my last check in, changeset
> 58370) are for 'codegear' and 'siliconman', which have to do with the
> random library or the test library, both of which have lots of failures
> as well.  Should I somehow mark them as expected failures?  Or is there
> a way (for test at least) to use the test library differently than I am?

You can mark them as expected failures by editing
'status/explicit-failures-markup.xml'. Hopefully, it's clear how to do
that from the existing entries. Remember to validate the xml before
checking (instructions are in the file).

This isn't that time to change it, but you don't have to use
Boost.Test if you don't want to, there's a very simple test library at
'boost/detail/lightweight_test.hpp'. It's a lot more portable,
although it only has a small subset of Boost.Test's features. You can
see other libraries' tests for examples (eg. bind, exception,
filesystem, flyweight, smart_ptr), the most important thing is to
remember to end your main function with 'return

> Do you want me (I assume me) to put the uuid library into the release
> branch?  I know this is the last day to add new libraries.  I am not
> trying to push it in.  I just want to do know what you want me to do.
> Wait until the next release or put it in this release?

Don't merge to release until you get our go ahead, there are few
things we need to check first. I think the library's in pretty good
shape at the moment, so it's okay if it's merged to release a little
late because we held you up. Our checklist is here:

I've added your library to the root index.html file, and will add it
to the website. The inspect results are clean, so I think the only
things left to do are to check the documentation and make sure the
test results are fine.

I get the following when I run test_generators on darwin ppc. Could it
be an endian issue?

Running 1 test case...
test_generators.cpp:95: error in "test_main_caller( argc, argv )":
check u == wcorrect failed [86426ef2-6bb9-5e5b-9346-537c41af5346 !=
test_generators.cpp:103: error in "test_main_caller( argc, argv )":
check u == wcorrect failed [86426ef2-6bb9-5e5b-9346-537c41af5346 !=

*** 2 failures detected in test suite "Test Program"



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