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Subject: Re: [boost] Crypto Proposal
From: Chad Seibert (chadseibert_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-04-08 14:50:19


> Does this mean you will be converting the source-code of Botan to Boost
> standards or you are going to wrap it?
> 1. If it is conversions two issues may rise:
> a) License Botan is licensed under BSD license with is different from
> Boost and all the code you will write for boost would not have
> correct license.
> b) Conversion to Boost means fork... How do you expect to synchronize
> changes in two libraries and most important security updates.
> This means lots of work in the live cycle of Boost.Botan

I'll fork it, as stated in my proposal (which I sent sometime after the abstract). It'll be relicensed under BSL.

As for synchronization, this will have to be done by hand (which I will do for some time).

> Additional points:
> - Botan uses GNU gmp library licensed under LGPL... Does it fit to
> Boost licensing guidelines?

It doesn't require gmp and is perfectly capable of working without it. It's available as a plugin, but a default implementation is already included.
> - I think that you should be really specific what would be the advantage
> of using Boost.Botan library over original Botan one or OpenSSL that
> Boost.Asio uses.

Here are some:
  * Tighter integration with Boost (ASIO, and possibly iostreams)
  * Some functions are considerable faster (such as RSA, which the maintainer purports to be several times faster than OpenSSL. SHA-1 is SSE2 optimized).
  * There is plugin support for OpenSSL, so ASIO would be modified to use the plugin system (which would use the default implementation or OpenSSL).

> You might want to consider adding some discussion to your proposal about the
> crypto library in the vault. What features are in the vault Crypto that
> might be useful? That aren't useful? Why do you feel that Botan is a better
> starting point.

The crypto library in the vault contains mostly hash algorithms, which Botan already contains (and some of them e.g. SHA-1 have a SSE optimized version). And Botan contains better documentation and testing. Also, Botan was engineered mostly by a security expert, meaning it is likely to be more secure. It is also being maintained, so security and feature patches will be made.

> Your proposal is very ambitious! IMHO, that's not doable in full over the
> summer. If you trimmed it down into a more focused feature set (for instance
> replacing SSL in ASIO, or adding TLS to ASIO) it would give you a more
> realistic chance to finish what you are suggesting.

It is very ambitious! But as I say in my draft, it'll be done in two parts. I don't think that porting is unrealistic for the summer part of the project.

Many thanks for the feedback,
Chad Seibert

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