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Subject: Re: [boost] The bug sprint has started!
From: vicente.botet (vicente.botet_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-06-06 09:33:05

Hi Anthony

I have take a deep look at the Thread tickets. Working on these tickets will already reduce of 17 the number of tickets (76-17=59).

There are 5 tickets that can be seen as duplicated. Please could you confirm, and change the Trac state.
      DUPLICATED #3628 condition.notify_one() does not wake up a thread that is in condition.wait() or condition.timed_wait() new anthonyw Bugs Problem 6 months

      DUPLICATED #3735 thread_group::interrupt_all() is unreliable new anthonyw Bugs Showstopper 2 weeks

      DUPLICATED #3960 condition_variable::timed_wait() cannot be interrupted new anthonyw Bugs Problem 2 weeks

      DUPLICATED #4258 Linking with boost thread does not work on mingw/gcc 4.5 new anthonyw Bugs Problem 10 days

      DUPLICATED #4076 future.hpp(411) : warning C4267: 'initializing' : conversion from 'size_t' to 'unsigned int', possible loss of data new anthonyw Patches Cosmetic 2 weeks

There are 2 that are already fixed.
      ALREADY_FIXED #3391 call_once ignores return value new anthonyw Bugs Problem 9 months

      TRUNK #4249 pin_to_zero should be inlined new anthonyw Bugs Problem 13 days

There is 1 to be deleted as it corresponds to the old implementation.
      TO BE DELETED 1.33 #3652 App Verifier issue found in boost 1.33.0 thread library while unloading DLL new anthonyw Bugs Problem 7 months

There are 2 that are quite simple to patch. let me know if you want a patch
            SIMPLE #3812 global namespace polution new anthonyw Bugs Problem 5 months

     document about mix usage of boost.thread and native thread api new anthonyw Bugs Problem 4 months

      There are 9 that have a patch available
      PATCH AVAILABLE #3500 Optimization for win32 mutex implementation new anthonyw Patches Optimization 8 months

      PATCH AVAILABLE #3611 Warning suppression fixes for Boost.Thread new anthonyw Patches Problem 7 months

      PATCH AVAILABLE #3680 Inhibit warning about use of C99 long long constant in GCC new anthonyw Patches Cosmetic 6 months

      PATCH AVAILABLE #3748 condition_variable_any not non-copyable new anthonyw Bugs Problem 6 months

      PATCH AVAILABLE #3760 Tread ignores BOOST_DISABLE_WIN32 new anthonyw Bugs Problem 6 months

      PATCH AVAILABLE #3762 Thread can't be compiled with winscw (Codewarrior by Nokia) new anthonyw Patches Problem 6 months

      PATCH AVAILABLE #3862 future.hpp - conversion from size_t to unsigned int new anthonyw Patches Problem 2 months

      PATCH AVAILABLE #4071 unique_lock fails with recent Sun Studio compilers new anthonyw Bugs Problem 2 months

      PATCH AVAILABLE #4238 timed_lock_upgrade(relative_time) calls timed_lock(absolute_time) new anthonyw Patches Problem 2 weeks

Vicente Juan Botet Escribá

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