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Subject: Re: [boost] [pool] detail/mutex.hpp may include windows.h and pollute namespace with windows definitions.
From: Paul Blampspied (elpidiovaldez5_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-10-08 13:03:53

>> typedef char CRITICAL_SECTION[24]; //24 is sizeof(CRITICAL_SECTION) !
> Can you guarantee that this is the correct size
> on all systems? Are you sure that there are
> no alignment problems?
No I can't guarantee it across all systems. I made the edit to get
[Boost][pool] to work for my project, without including windows.h. It would
need to be checked and, if necessary appropriate conditional code provided.

>> #define WINAPI __stdcall
>> extern void WINAPI InitializeCriticalSection(
>> __out LPCRITICAL_SECTION lpCriticalSection
>> );
> Does this actually link? I would think that it would
> need to be extern "C".

Yes, it does link, and appears to work, at least under Vista. I took the
declaration directly from Windows API documentation. I could not find a
declaration for CRITICAL_SECTION.

I am sure there are better ways of doing this. I think the important thing
is to avoid including windows.h, which defines a huge number of symbols and
can break code. One particular nasty is the __in_range macro which
conflicts with stlport's checked iterators in debug builds. A less risky
change might be to simply undefine some of the undocumented macros that
windows.h leaves behind it. A judicious use of namespaces allows you to
avoid most of the other problems.

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