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Subject: Re: [boost] for_each abstraction
From: Karsten Ahnert (karsten.ahnert_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-11-17 14:55:22

> What do you mean by "handles"? Do you want to just package up the
> for_each function together with the sequence type you want to operate
> on, effectively reducing everything to a unary function accepting the op
> parameter? I don't know of such an abstraction in boost.

Yes, exactly. This looks like a quite general concept for me and I was
wondering if something has already been implemented.

Maybe a small example is:

struct std_algorithm
  template< Op >
  static void for_each( std::vector< double > &vec , Op op )
    std::for_each( vec.begin() , vec.end() , op );

struct thrust_algorithm
  template< Op >
  static void for_each( thrust::device_vector< double > &vec , Op op )
    thrust::for_each( vec.begin() , vec.end() , op );

// the complex algorithm we want to implement
template< class Algorithm , class Sequence >
void do_something( Sequence &seq )
  Algebra::for_each( seq , op() );

// use youe code via

// the standard version
std::vector< double > vec1;
do_something< std_algorithm >( vec1 );

// the thrust (CUDA) version
thrust::device_vector< double > vec2;
do_something< thrust_algorithm >( vec2 );

> There was a topic that was brought up by...I'm going to say Joel Falcou,
> but I may have that wrong...discussing segmented iterators and iteration
> in general (I would search "segmented iterators"). I believe his use
> case was enabling the use of simd instruction in the iteration, which
> required special treatment of the first few and last few elements of the
> range. One abstraction that makes this efficient is to push the
> iteration to the responsibility of the range or sequence you're
> operating on. This seems to be roughly what you might want to consider
> doing here (and is basically equivalent to packaging the for_each
> function up with the sequence, as I suggested above).

I think you mean this one

altough I am not sure I fully understand.


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