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Subject: Re: [boost] [general] What will string handling in C++ look like in the future [was Always treat ... ]
From: Artyom (artyomtnk_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-01-19 12:50:50

> From: Alexander Lamaison <awl03_at_[hidden]> > > On Wed, 19 Jan 2011 16:13:04 +0100, Matus Chochlik wrote: > > >> > >> I do not believe that UTF-8 is the way to go. In fact I know it is not, > >> except perhaps for the very near future for some programmers ( Linux > >> advocates ). > > > > :-) Just for the record, I'm not a Linux advocate any more then I'm > > a Windows advocate. I use both .. I'm writing this on a windows machine. > > What I would like is the whole encoding madness/dysfunction (including > > but not limited to the dual TCHAR/whateverchar-based interfaces) to stop. > > Everywhere. > > Even if I bought the UTF-8ed-Boost idea, what would we do about the STL > implementation on Windows which expects local-codepage narrow strings? Are > we hoping MS etc. change these to match? Because otherwise we'll be > converting between narrow encodings for the rest of eternity. > > Alex First of all today there **is** problem and STL code can't open file, try to open "שלום-سلام-pease.txt" under Windows using GCC's std::fstream... You can't. I assume with some other compilers it happens as well. There **is** problem ignoring it would not help us. How can we address STL problem and UTF-8? Simply? Provide: boost::basic_fstream boost::fopen boost::freopen boost::remove boost::rename Which are using same std::* classes under Posix platform and UTF-8 aware implementations for Windows. Take a look on this code: This is the code I use for my projects that implements what I'm talking about - simple easy to use straightforward. Also don't forget two things: 1. Microsoft Deprecated ANSI API and does not recommend to use it. If the only OS that gives us most of the encodings headache deprecated ANSI API I don't think that Boost should continue supporting it. 2. All the world had already moved to Unicode, Microsoft did this as well. They did it in their incompatible-with-rest-of-the-world way... But still they did it too - so we can continue ignoring the fact that UTF-8 is ultimate encoding or go forward. Artyom

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