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Subject: Re: [boost] [Boost.Local] Review
From: Joel Falcou (joel.falcou_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-11-25 01:53:44

Le 24/11/2011 20:09, Daniel James a écrit :
> But you're not fixing them, you're just writing about fixing them.
> When someone did post an error message, this was the response:
> If fixing them requires waiting for something that isn't happening
> then they won't get fixed.

Pro tips : I am not joel de Guzman, neither have I any foot in
Phoenix/spirit development. So dont put his word in my mouth.

And with regard to this response, i dont see what he could have said
more precisely. Assert at compile time are meant to give you this and
int his very example, it fits the bill. The error points to a porper
place with a proper informations. Using any modern dev tool filter error
for you and most prehistoric one have at least a feature to do Search
for in output. So unless you're writing code using vi on a 14x28
terminal, I dont see the problem with asking you to search for errors in
the output.

> Then you're stuck. So you have to work out a way forward. Go through
> the archives, search stack overflow, look at where people have gone
> wrong. Try compiling bad examples different compilers. Write your own
> test cases. Think about how it can be improved. Think about where
> they're going wrong and where they will go wrong. Try to understand
> why people are having problems. Read through those horrible errors,
> think about how to help the compiler give better errors etc.

No we're not stuck. Sorry to not have time and ressources to crawl the
Internet all day long for this. Speakign on my own yard - Proto - a
quick glance at SO show me this :

Ho and behold, no one cringe about error but are struggling wiht how to
best use a given set of feature or to add some behavior in some way.
Looking for spirit show more questions about feature than rantign about
error messages ... In both cases, Eric, me or any Spirit people are
actually answering these people.

So now, which hell hole of the internet am I suppsoed to check ?
It's nto liek we have an issue tracker at boost that people can use.

> Alternatively, you could just decide that you don't want those people
> to use your library.

Alternatively, it could be nice if you could drop all this band wagon of
strawmen ...

> But I know how to decipher complicated error messages, you're asking
> the wrong person. And I try not to bitch, most of the time I try to be
> constructive.

You clearly fail there.

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