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Subject: Re: [boost] Can anyone take a quick read of an array type?
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-05-09 04:46:54

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> Subject: Re: [boost] Can anyone take a quick read of an array type?
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> > > I banged out a little something at <>.
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> > Gulp. This would seem to be quite a BIG something?
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> > And that I have yet to digest :-(
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> > You mentioned docs but I haven't found them in the link above.
> No, the other guy had docs. My library doesn't have any besides Doxygen comments. But those
> comments tend to be huge. I write the Doxygen comment after the declaration but before the
> definition. Doing those comments and figuring out a test take a lot longer than the actual code!
> added the ordered operators (< > <= >=) and the tuple interface (get, tuple_size, tuple_element).
> latter assumes increments of value_type, since users would be confused if I picked any other (I.e.
> arrays) unit. So it should be substitutable for std::array, when given 1 dimension. (If we can
find a
> std::array demonstration program, maybe it can be applied against array_md.) I just recently added
> example. It just a quick & dirty matrix class. It demonstrates in-sync updating of iterators
from two
> different objects (of the same shape) for addition and subtraction. The core multiplication
routine shows
> use of "apply."

Well I'm a great fan of good Doxygen comments - and you could use those with Quickbook to produce
some really smart docs.

This isn't usually possible because people don't start by writing the Doxygen comments, then the
code, so the prospect of going back writing the comments is too much to contemplate...

If you need help with setting this up, please ask - I've done this before. Once working it is
painless to write the text for introductions and tutorial in Quickbook.

 You can also use the snippets option to include (selected parts of) the example(s) in the text,
ensuring that the code shown has actually compiled and run.

I'll take a look at your example asap.



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