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Subject: Re: [boost] [Boost.Interprocess] conditions variables get 10 times faster when opening a multiprocess browser
From: Ion Gaztañaga (igaztanaga_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-08-25 16:45:15

El 17/08/2013 8:24, Marcello Pietrobon escribió:
> I've noticed the same 10 times acceleration even while I make a skyPE call...
> How can this have anything to do with interprocess programming?

After yield_k didn't offer good enough results, I decided to wrap the
wait logic in a class instead of a function (called, spin_wait). This
class would container the "k_" integer of yield_k and it would lazily
obtain the value of the system tick, spining and yielding until that
period has elapsed (using a high resolution counter or similar). I'm
still finishing this class for Windows and then I need to write it for
POSIX systems (and since MacOS does not support nanosleep, I maybe will
need to do something special for this platform).

However, in my first tests, I found that several applications change the
default Windows tick period from 15,6 ms to 1ms (like just after
launching Google Chrome). That's the reason why current Interprocess
spinlocks run better when you start those applications: Sleep(1) was
really sleeping for 1ms instead of 15ms (these values might change
between different computers, I guess).

In my first tests in my system (2,8Ghz Core i7), when the system tick is
1ms, an interprocess mutex needs 2700 iterations (32 nops/pauses +
Sleep(0)) to wait for a tick. When the system tick is 15,6ms, it needs
41860 iterations (32 nops/pauses, + Sleep(0))).

This means that no fixed value should be used to mark the yield/sleep
limit, as it highly depends on the processor core and the system tick
(that can be changed at any moment). I think N x (system tick time)
limit could be a good guess.

I don't know which N value is optimal to minimize both CPU usage and
context switch overhead. We'd need to do some tests for that. In any
case, I think this new approach will improve a lot current Interprocess
horrible latencies. I'll ping the list when I commit a portable spin
wait logic in a few days.



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