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Subject: Re: [boost] [1.55.0] Release Notes
From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-09-30 13:50:46

>> Hello,
>> If you haven't already, can you write your release notes for 1.55? You
>> can send them to me

Math lib:

* Suppress numerous warnings (mostly from GCC-4.8 and MSVC)
[@ #8384],
[@ #8855],
[@ #9107],
[@ #9109]..
* Fixed PGI compilation issue [@
* Fixed PGI constant value initialization issue that caused erf to generate
incorrect results [@ #8621].
* Prevent macro expansion of some C99 macros that are also C++ functions
[@ #8732] and
[@ #8733]..
* Fixed Student's T distribution to behave correctly with huge degrees of
freedom (larger than the largest representable integer)
[@ #8837].
* Make some core functions usable with `long double` even when the platform
has no standard library `long double` support
[@ #8940].
* Fix error handling of distributions to catch invalid scale and location
parameters when the random variable is infinite
[@ #9042] and
[@ #9126].
* Add workaround for broken <tuple> in Intel C++ 14
[@ #9087].
* Improve consistency of argument reduction in the elliptic integrals
[@ #9104].
* Fix bug in inverse incomplete beta that results in cancellation errors
when the beta function is really an arcsine or Student's T distribution.
* Fix issue in Bessel I and K function continued fractions that causes
spurious over/underflow.


* Added support for Boost.Serialization.
* Suppressed some GCC warnings. See
[@ 8872].
* Fixed bug in pow for large integer arguments. See
[@ 8809].
* Fixed bug in pow for calculation of 0[super N]. See
[@ 8798].
* Fixed bug in fixed precision cpp_int IO code that causes conversion to
string to fail when the
bit count is very small (less than CHAR_BIT). See
[@ 8745].
* Fixed bug in cpp_int that causes left shift to fail when a fixed precision
type would overflow.
See [@ 8741].
* Fixed some cosmetic warnings from cpp_int. See
[@ 8748].
* Fixed calls to functions which are required to be macros in C99. See
[@ 8732].
* Fixed bug that causes construction from INT_MIN, LONG_MIN etc to fail in
cpp_int. See [@ 8711].

Thanks! John.

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