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Subject: [boost] Looking for git help for Boost releases
From: Marshall Clow (mclow.lists_at_[hidden])
Date: 2014-06-03 11:39:34

I’m trying to figure out tooling for making boost releases.

One of the missing pieces that we had in SVN was “svn export”, which let you check out a particular branch/revision
to a local folder, w/o any of the SVN infrastructure (such as .svn folders). It also let you set the line endings of the files,
so I could make a release with Windows line endings on a non-windows computer.

The command that I used was:

svn export --non-interactive --native-eol XXX -r YYY, ZZZ

        XXX was line ending that I wanted (either CRLF for windows or LF for unix)
        YYY was the revision that I was interested in (usually HEAD)
        ZZZ was the destination for the export

How can I do something like this for git?
I’ve looked at “git archive”, and that’s something like what I want, but it doesn’t handle sub-projects.
There are a few scripts around that claim to do “git archive over sub-projects”, but I haven’t found one that works with our set up, and none of them let you modify the line endings for (some of) the files as part of the process.

Any ideas? Suggestions? Pointers?

Thanks in advance.

— Marshall

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