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Subject: Re: [boost] ATTENTION: Library requirements..
From: Rob Stewart (rob.stewart_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-01-07 09:23:59

On January 7, 2016 7:40:44 AM EST, "Agustín K-ballo Bergé" <kaballo86_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> On 1/7/2016 7:53 AM, Louis Dionne wrote:
> > Robert Ramey <ramey <at>> writes:
> >
> >> f) javescript.
> >>
> >> I thing the admonitions agains java script should be softened.
> Most of
> >> the concerns existent when the document was originally written
> don't
> >> apply to day. I would like to see our html documentation support
> thinks
> >> like syntax coloring, running example code online, and the like.
> These
> >> things are often supported via injected javascript.
> >>
> >
> > +1
> >
> > I think JavaScript should be allowed, and even encouraged when it
> makes the
> > documentation much superior. For example, Hana uses JavaScript to
> integrate
> > performance benchmarks to the documentation in a nice way.
> I'm one of those that used to disable javascript by default.

I run NoScript, but I don't mind having to enable JavaScript to view Boost docs. I'd whitelist if it became common.

> I wouldn't
> mind its use when it results in a superior documentation, as long as
> it's optional and I can still get at least a mediocre documentation
> with
> the basic information, and possibly some hint that I need to enable
> javascript for this site to see more (not just to navigate
> differently).


> What's your take on the remaining ones?
> - Makes printing docs pages difficult.

That's probably not common, but the same is probably true for generating PDF docs, too.

> - Often results in really bad user interface design.

That's like saying C++ often results in bad code. All tools, including HTML and CSS, can produce bad results.

> - "It's just annoying in general."

The only thing annoying about JavaScript is its use in tracking me and trying to exploit my browser.

> - Would require Boost to test web pages for ECMAScript/JavaScript
> compliance.

I suppose that's necessary to ensure we don't release problematic docs.

> - Makes docs maintenance by other than the original developer more
> difficult.

I'm not sure that has much merit.


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