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Subject: Re: [boost] [trac] Boost v1.64 in the milestones?
From: Raffi Enficiaud (raffi.enficiaud_at_[hidden])
Date: 2016-12-22 03:37:21

Le 21/12/2016 à 13:55, Stefan Seefeld a écrit :
> On 21.12.2016 04:41, Vladimir Prus wrote:
>> On 17-Dec-16 8:51 PM, Stefan Seefeld wrote:
>>> As I have said before, I'd really live it to the individual projects
>>> what tools they use (Boost.Python has moved to its github tracker, and
>>> no new issues on trac are allowed.)
>> Do you mean that Boost.Python component was removed?
> Not quiet; there are still open issues that haven't been transferred to
> the new tracker.
>> Are users pointed to github issue tracker in a clear way?
> The tracker component name is changed to clearly indicate that new
> issues ought to be submitted to the new tracker. (That's all a bit
> clumsy, but apparently there isn't a better way to do this. Go to
> and look for Python issues.
> You'll see "Python USE GITHUB" or somesuch. Some other components do the
> same...)
> That was all Rene's doing as I have no admin access to the trac
> instance. Ask him for details.
>> I am considering doing same for Boost.Build, but guess it will be bad if
>> people no longer can find 'build' under with no
>> explanation.
> Yeah, the tracker should stay alive as long as there is non-migrated
> content.
> Note that I also started migrating wiki pages from to
> But there is quite a lot, and I
> was doing it alone...
> Ideally, if other people help, we could complete the migration within a
> reasonable amount of time and effort, and thus get out of this state of
> limbo that we seem to have been in for years now (at least as far as the
> wiki is concerned).

Just for information:

- as of today 1.64 is still not appearing in trac :) just a kind reminder
- cmake recently moved from mantis to gitlab and it worked quite well,
but I do not think the effort was little:
   - Mantis was left read only (and it still is),
   - all non-closed issues have been migrated to gitlab and a banner has
been added (resolution "moved" + some text)

They wrote a dedicated converter, I believe this can be adapted to

On my side, I am perfectly fine with moving to some other thing, but
since boost is an umbrella project, users should have one unique
interface with the issue tracker. I do not know much about github, maybe
it works as "components" for each issues, and each "component" being a
project/repo of the umbrella. I believe this needs some investigations,
I just played with the "project" feature, I do not think this is doing
what is needed there.

Funny thing, just to check that ppl are reading: I am able to create a
project on the boost umbrella project.

Concerning the wiki of GitHub, I am really not sure I like it the way it
is. The information is hard to read, maintain and organize there. To my
opinion, it is really targeted to single pages.


PS: I am pretty sure some cmake guru and/or advocate will now appear in
the thread... sorry for that

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