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Subject: Re: [boost] [review queue] What to do about the library review queue?
From: Hartmut Kaiser (hartmut.kaiser_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-03-14 18:20:57

> > None of these points involve the need to increase the amount of accepted
> > libraries at any cost. As others have pointed out, Boost's livelihood
> does
> > not directly depend on the number of accepted libraries but just on
> their
> > quality. Adding money to the mix favors adding libraries at all cost,
> > non-withstanding their quality or real-world-need, emphasizing the
> > commercial aspect.
> As you usual, you deliberately misquote or cherry pick quote people and
> then make a big song and dance about your reinterpretation of what they
> said. It's tiring and irritating.

I don't remember quoting anything. I have simply written down my thoughts on
the topic.

> I never said payment for adding new libraries. I did say payment for new
> library REVIEWS and especially the **ADMIN** of reviewing them.
> Rejection of a submitted library is just fine. Letting submitted
> libraries stew for up to SEVEN years before getting reviewed is
> UNACCEPTABLE if Boost is to remain even remotely relevant.
> I now snip the usual Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt you like to sow Hartmut
> whenever actual REAL CHANGE is proposed or discussed, leaving us with
> this which had some value:

I'm not sure why you have shout at me and why you have to fall back to
personally attacking me (again!). I think I have kept (and deliberately so)
my response to a list of fundamental arguments why I think paying for
reviews wouldn't be a good idea. I have not (even remotely) said or implied
anything personal with regards to you. Neither did I put on my hat as a
Boost SC member, I simply explained how I see things.

In fact, I would have written the same response regardless of who proposed

Ok, I said enough - I'm out of this discussion.

Regards Hartmut

PS: Niall, I'm older than you and have seen more than one younger fellow
discredit himself because they thought they knew better, so please allow me
to voice a personal advise: it is my impression that you are carrying a
personal grudge because of things that have happened in the past. This
simply clouds your ability to assess other people's opinions with an open
mind, and to accept those as what they are - opinions. I think you would be
well advised to rethink your stance related to how to professionally behave
in a community where everybody is entitled to expressing his/her thoughts,
even more if those are well explained, and even if those contradict to your

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