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Subject: Re: [boost] [cmake] Minimum viable cmakeification for Boost
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2017-06-22 16:35:41

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> Subject: Re: [boost] [cmake] Minimum viable cmakeification for Boost
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> > So personally, I am now fairly happy using bjam/b2, after years of swearing and gnashing of teeth.
> > Compared to the creators, I'm oligoneuronic
> No definition in my "Webster's Third New International Dictionary", I
> don't have the OED, don't recall the word in literature, find only
> 'Oligoneuron' on the web about a genus of flowering plants, so a
> definition would be appreciated as my own neurons are not firing enough
> connections to understand it. Perhaps it means an oligarchy of neurons,
> whatever that is supposed to be.

OK - I confess - made that up ;-)

oligo - few

neuronic - neurons

(with the benefit of dimly remembered Latin - I was extruded forcibly though O level by my Mother who had a Classics degree -
oligarchy - rule by a few people, and chemistry - oligomers - polymers with a few mers)

But it seems a useful term of (self-)abuse?

> What I am really afraid of is not that Boost end-users do not like
> CMake, because obviously most programmers appear to love it, but that
> Boost will just be substituting one build system under its own control,
> which few really understand, for another build system controlled
> elsewhere, which more evidently understand but whose usage even more
> people disagree about.

> However if we can provide CMake for end-users from our bjam files,
> without tortuous work, I am all for it as long as I personally don't
> have to understand it. I find reading the CMake docs, such as they are,
> much more incomprehensible than the Boost Build docs.

What should I be reading? dumps me in at the deep end and leaves me at "Huh?"

should I invest in

Mastering CMake Paperback - January 16, 2015 by Ken Martin (Author), Bill Hoffman (Author) $50


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