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Subject: [boost] CMT Library and CI Status for Boost 1.68.0
From: James E. King III (jking_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-06-27 19:29:22

I have been working on adding CI to the CMT libraries (and a few others).
This provides improved quality and metrics for each repository with builds
for various linux and windows combinations, as well as code coverage and
static code analysis with coverity scan. Here is the current status for
work that will make it into 1.68.0:

The CI framework I have been adding is here:

CI has been enabled on the following repositories (and any identified
defects have been resolved) and is passing:

function, mpl, pool, property_map, ptr_container, rational, tokenizer

In addition, Boost.Move and Boost.Signals2 are also now using this
framework to improve deliverable quality.

CI not yet enabled on (and reasons):

Boost.Assign fails to compile <>
with MSVC 2012 in Appveyor.
Boost.ConceptCheck fails to compile
<> on most compilers in
Travis CI and Appveyor. (It looks like it's unusable.)
Boost.DisjointSets - status unknown (no CI) - open question still
unanswered: Can we merge this into container? It is only used by graph and
Boost.DynamicBitset fails to compile
<> on all MSVC and on
linux with c++03 mode.
Boost.Interval (numeric/interval) fails to compile
<> - most combinations fail and
may go into an infinite loop in some cases.
Boost.Logic (tribool) uncovered issue #8
Boost.Signals - we discussed a removal notification in an upcoming release
but no action has been taken by the CMT yet to make this happen so it may
slip into the next release.
Boost.Statechart needs some Jamfile help to get it to work with this CI

I am most concerned about Boost.ConceptCheck and Boost.Interval. Both may
be unusable at this point. If folks have any spare cycles and care to take
a look, it would be appreciated.



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