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Subject: [boost] A possible date for dropping c++03 support
From: Mike Dev (mike.dev_at_[hidden])
Date: 2018-08-28 05:11:15

Dear Edward,

throughout this thread you keep saying that you or the user will
not understand what

   "dropping c++03 support"

means and I have to say I find that very hard to believe, as the
concept of "XXX is not supported" is ubiquitous throughout software

There are of course differences in detail, but
universally it always means something along the lines of

"We don't promise that XXX works.
 When you try XXX you are on your own, we take no responsibility
 for what happens if you do and even if it works now, it might
 not work with the next product version (even if it is just a
 minor/path update)."

Now, on top of that, "XXX is not supported" often means that
"XXX really just doesn't work", but I can give you dozens
(probably thousands) of examples where things that are not
officially supported happen to work e.g.:

- Forward declaring anything from namespace std or defining
  anything inside std is UB, yet many libraries (inside and
  outside of boost) do it anyway and "it works"

- Microsoft's WSL currently doesn't support running graphical
  applications, however, users have been using it to successfully
  run various Linux DMs for quite some time now

- Many libraries (inside and outside of boost) have a list
  of supported compilers. Does that mean they don't work with
  any compiler not mentioned on that list? Probably not (if I
  try a newer version of gcc or msvc, it most of the time still
  works) - they are just the compilers the author cares about
  and/or has tested so far.

- has a very clear policy of what platforms and compilers
  are supported (
  but again, there exist other platform/compiler combinations that
  will probably work just as well.

- Intel's drivers for consumer lan chips don't support windows
  server, but if you manually circumvent the check, they work
  quite well.

So really, the concept of it happens to work but isn't supported
shouldn't be foreign to anyone active in software development or
IT in general.

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