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From: Francesco Guerrieri (f.guerrieri_at_[hidden])
Date: 2019-08-12 16:57:44

On Mon, Aug 12, 2019 at 5:45 PM Zach Laine via Boost <boost_at_[hidden]>

> On Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 10:22 AM Zach Laine <whatwasthataddress_at_[hidden]>
> wrote:
> > On Sun, Aug 11, 2019 at 9:54 AM Francesco Guerrieri via Boost <
> > boost_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> >> Do you think that the code is already useable, or is there something
> "big"
> >> left to do? I hope to give it a try in some days and of course will
> report
> >> back to you if there is anything relevant or useful.
> >>
> >
> > I consider it to be ready, as-is. There may be bugs lurking that need to
> > be fixed, but I don't know of any. I can write every kind of iterator
> I've
> > ever needed to write (which is a lot). This includes all the iterator
> > categories, plus proxy versions of each, and even weird stuff like
> > back_insert_iterator.
> >
> Yeah, about this statement. I meant it yesterday when I made it. Then I
> started investigating what it would take to make something like a
> range_facade, as was suggested earlier in this thread. That lead me to
> discover std::view_interface, which I previously had never even heard of:
> It's pretty similar in concept to what iterator_facade does, but it does it
> using concept-based SFINAE on the members of std::view_interface, which
> leads to a small, easy-to-understand library interface, and a lot less
> library code. It also allows the user to specify operations with their
> usual spellings, like operator*() instead of dereference(). It also does
> not require the access type, because you don't have to make functions with
> odd names that you want to hide.
> I like this a lot better. In fact, I like it so much better that I
> implemented something like it yesterday on a branch, renaming
> iterator_facade to iterator_interface:
It is a large change but it is for the better, I like it a lot. The "using
operator++;" requirement is not too bad, it becomes mostly a matter of


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