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From: pbristow_at_[hidden]
Date: 2020-03-04 16:06:32

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> Subject: Re: [boost] MySQL ASIO library
> >
> > I'm not sure about Boost.MPI, but I thought it was not a wrapper of a
> > single library, but of a standard API that can be implemented by
> > different libraries. Boost.Regex is not a wrapper at all; it
> > implements regular expressions from scratch. asio::ssl is not a
> > library but a plugin for Boost.ASIO that provides one small piece of
> > functionality compared to the rest of the library. Boost.Python is
> > probably closest to an exception, although it is a binding to another
> > language (not a library), which arguably only has one C API and
> > implementation. Yes, there is CPython, but I don't believe it offers a
> > C API.
> >
> This line of discussion between us is now moot. The author has confirmed that
> implementation of the mysql protocol is original work.
> I don't think the amount of contributions by itself is the goal. There
> > has to be value associated with the contribution. I just don't think a
> > C++ wrapper of a specific library has enough value.
> >
> I for one have needed a good async mysql database layer on two occasions in
> production systems.
> The first time I wrote a minimal wrapper around the c mysql libs (the c++ one
> awful).
> The second time I used amy, which is not fully asio compliant (it doesn't
> coroutines or futures).
> As a user of boost for over ten years, I would have benefitted greatly from a
> like this being in boost.
> I am not alone.
> Talking to MySQL is a fundamental operation in the web world, which represents
> huge chunk of programming effort.
> It seems a no-brainer to me that a well maintained means of efficiently doing
> would be a positive addition to boost.

By itself, this is a reasonably convincing case, but what would quiet some of
doubters would be to have at least an outline of connecting to another database.
Showing reasonable confidence that extension to other databases is feasible
would be a big plus IMO.


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