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From: Robert Ramey (ramey_at_[hidden])
Date: 2021-02-25 19:58:18

On 2/25/21 11:13 AM, John Maddock via Boost wrote:

> I just looked at this, and I get 198 serialization lib test failures in
> C++03 mode currently :(

Its really only 5 tests. the tests are repeated for each archive. Also
depending on the test setup more than one variant, or compiler or
whatever may be tested - thus elevating the number.
> The issue is that your tests are using Boost.Math, specifically
> float_distance, and this is now C++11 and later.  It's used fairly
> ubiquitously in your tests as well.

Right. Still it's only 5 tests. After tracking this down - which took
a surprising amount of time given branches, etc - I considered my
options and the easiest and most future looking was to just suppress
these tests for compilations with C++ version <C++11. It's a good
simple, expedient solution. I just needed an attribute to condition on.
  As chris pointed out I can condition one boost version. This is a
practical and simple idea and I'll use it if nothing better comes up.

FYI - if it had been a different situation, for example, float_distance
sprinkled throughout the library code, then this "fix" would be
unacceptable. But given the current situation, just skipping these
tests is a good way to handle it.

> Given that we've signaled this change for over a year now, how do we
> handle this?

I'm thinking the attribute list should include the standards version.
But if that's too much work I totally understand and will work around it
some other way. I don't know how many other libraries have this issue -
it might well be none. I'll leave it totally up to you. Just post if
you change anything.

Robert Ramey

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