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From: Rene Rivera (grafik666_at_[hidden])
Date: 2002-07-08 10:32:07

[2002-07-08] Vladimir Prus wrote:

>I'm now working to move all the Boost.Build data from the namespace of the
>modules used to Jamfiles. The motivation is to leave a clean namespace
>user can do whatever he likes.
>I've nearly done with this part, but it's gonna be a large commit, so I'm
>asking for comments. I've decided to leave exactly two things in the
>modules. First is "__attributes__" variable, which keeps an instance of
>"project-attributes" class. Second is the convernience method
>"__attribute__", which allows to write
> local p = <some jamfile module> ;
> local requirements = [ $(p).__attribute__ requirements ] ;
>instead of
> local p = <some jamfile module> ;
> local attr = [ modules.peek $(p) : __attributes__ ] ;
> local requirements [ $(attr).get requirements ] ;
>I think this amount of namespace pollution is perfectly acceptable. Also,
>getting attributes of a project is quite easy. Is this arrangement is fine
>for everybody, I'll commit the change.
>Second, this issue involves some changes to project root handling.
>1. Maybe, we should move all project-root related data into separate
>so that proejct root module namespace be clean as well.
>2. We'd need to make the "use-project" rule available in project root
>namespace. (I'll document that rule in the user docs soon. You can refer to
>the thread starting with
> meanwhile)
>3. We'd need to import non-local rules from project root module into
>For me, it seems like a number of changes involving project-root.jam. Rene,
>do you have any spare time to work on this and/or discuss #1. Actually #1
>the most complex thing here, I think.

I'll take a brief look at it, but I don't think it's as hard as you make it
seem ;-) But I won't have time for it until later this week... maybe
Wednesday, most likely Thursday.

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