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Subject: Re: [Boost-cmake] Release 1.41.0.cmake0
From: troy d. straszheim (troy_at_[hidden])
Date: 2009-11-19 13:29:23

Surya Kiran Gullapalli wrote:
>> I'll have a look. Meanwhile, could you try specifying the paths
>> with
> forwardslashes rather than backslashes?
> Thanks, It worked
> This behaviour is different from bjam.

I'm not too concerned with doing things exactly as bjam does them.
In the case of zlib/bzip2, we want to rely as much as possible on
cmake's built-in package-finding mechanisms:

> If ZLIB_INCLUDE_DIR is not defined and ZLIB_SOURCE is defined, bjam
> builds a zlib library automatically with boost prefix.

I don't follow you here. bjam automagically downloads and builds zlib?
My initial reaction is that I wouldn't want to emulate this.

> Same is the case for bzip2 as well. CMake is not considering Source
> directories for the same. Is this the intended behaviour ?
> Not that this is an issue for me, but just out of curiosity.

On most linux distributions, bzip and zlib are found automatically
by the Find(ZLib|BZip2) modules and used if available. You have the
option to set the INCLUDE_DIRS, LIBRARIES, and FOUND yourself if
they're not detected because they are in in nonstandard locations.

> One more thing I've observed is the Install target. The boost include
> headers are installed in ${CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX}/include, instead of
> ${CMAKE_INSTALL_DIRECTORY}/include/boost-1_41. I'm using cmake for
> my project and cmake checks for include/boost-1_41/boost/version.hpp
> file (I'm using cmake-2.8)
> Due to this my cmake script is not finding out boost. So this
> behaviour is also changed ?

I'll have a look at this as well, I'm sure we can provide a compatiblity
mode or something. There are some new goodies in boost.cmake aimed
directly at developers who build both boost and their own projects with
cmake. See:

Again this is new stuff, so I'd be glad to have some testing and feedback.

Thanks for all the reports!


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