[Boost-docs] Changes to syntax_highlight.hpp

Subject: [Boost-docs] Changes to syntax_highlight.hpp
From: Andreas Pokorny (andreas.pokorny_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-08-08 21:41:59

I joined the group of people helping to improve the boost
documentation. I started adding three new color schemes,
because I was not happy with the results I modified

1) Support for multiline macros and C-comments inside macros
2) #include "files" and <files> are treated as "preprocessor" and
"string" tokens
3) separation of "keyword" in four groups:
 a) "types-keywords": builtin types, also some C99/boost-stdint types
and typical typedef keywords
 b) "control-flow": keywords controling the program flow like for break return
 c) "operators": and or xor.. and C++ casts
 d) "keyword": the remaining keywords: virtual class union asm struct
template private public...

Can I commit that?
Do you have objections regarding the keyword groups?
Because I have :). I dont think that grouping them like that
is very wise. I just had the feeling that at least two different
groups should look at lot better than just one. Somehow
there are now four different groups.

Andreas Pokorny

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