[Boost-docs] [1.35.0] Getting Started?

Subject: [Boost-docs] [1.35.0] Getting Started?
From: Beman Dawes (bdawes_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-01-19 14:32:45

I trying to build docs for 1.35.0 from branches/release. I've followed
the procedure in
up to the point where it says:

"At this point, you should be able to build HTML documentation for
libraries that do not require Doxygen. To test this, change into the
directory $BOOST_ROOT/libs/function/doc and run the command bjam --v2:
it should produce HTML documentation for the Boost.Function library in
the html subdirectory."

I do that and get the error message below.

My user-config.jam file looks like this:

using msvc : 8.0 ;
using msvc : 7.1 ;
using gcc ;
using intel-win : 10.0 ;
import toolset : using ;
using python ;
using xsltproc ;

# BoostBook configuration
using boostbook
   : c:/apps/docbook_xsl
   : c:/apps/docbook_dtd
using doxygen ;

Any ideas what's wrong? Where is reference.xsl supposed to come from?



E:\boost-release\windows\libs\function\doc>bjam --v2
warning: Graph library does not contain optional GraphML reader.
note: to enable GraphML support, set EXPAT_INCLUDE and EXPAT_LIBPATH to the
note: directories containing the Expat headers and libraries, respectively.
warning: skipping optional Message Passing Interface (MPI) library.
note: to enable MPI support, add "using mpi ;" to user-config.jam.
note: to suppress this message, pass "--without-mpi" to bjam.
note: otherwise, you can safely ignore this message.
Building Boost.Regex with the optional Unicode/ICU support disabled.
Please refer to the Boost.Regex documentation for more information
(don't panic: this is a strictly optional feature).
...found 23 targets...
...updating 11 targets...
MkDir1 ..\..\..\bin.v2
MkDir1 html
MkDir1 ..\..\..\bin.v2\libs
MkDir1 ..\..\..\bin.v2\libs\function
MkDir1 ..\..\..\bin.v2\libs\function\doc
MkDir1 ..\..\..\bin.v2\libs\function\doc\msvc-8.0
MkDir1 ..\..\..\bin.v2\libs\function\doc\msvc-8.0\debug
MkDir1 ..\..\..\bin.v2\libs\function\doc\msvc-8.0\debug\threading-multi
warning: failed to load external entity "reference.xsl"
compilation error: file
%5Cdocbook.xsl line 13 element include
xsl:include : unable to load reference.xsl

   set XML_CATALOG_FILES=..\..\..\bin.v2/boostbook_catalog.xml
  "xsltproc" --xinclude -o
book.xsl" "function.xml"

...failed xslt-xsltproc
...skipped <phtml>function-doc_HTML.manifest for lack of
...failed updating 1 target...
...skipped 1 target...
...updated 9 targets...

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