Re: [Boost-docs] Quick script for quickbook builds?

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Quick script for quickbook builds?
From: Daryle Walker (darylew_at_[hidden])
Date: 2008-08-21 23:23:40

On Aug 19, 2008, at 4:54 PM, Eric Niebler wrote:

> Daryle Walker wrote:
>> Is there a quick script out there I can stick in my XCode (2.5,
>> still on Mac OS X 10.4) project file, under a run-script phase,
>> that can convert a *.qbk file to an HTML file? In other words, I
>> want to "compile" any QuickBook files so I can check my progress
>> without a big trip to the command line and messing around with bjam.
> None that I'm aware of, but if you make such a thing I'm sure
> others would find it useful.

The point was for someone else to do it for me, but....

I read up on how files with a specific extension that don't have a
default compiler assigned to them can get one, and how said custom
compiler can be a user-developed script program. So I added the
QuickBook sources to my project (and the ones for Boost.FileSystem,
System, and ProgramOptions) to make the tool. Then I added a rule
for *.qbk files to run a single-line script to create a corresponding
*.qbk.xml file.

I added another rule to convert that file (trivially) to a *.txt
file. But what really want to do is convert that *.qbk.xml file,
which is in BoostBook format, into a *.html (or *.pdf) file. There's
a Boost.Build/Jam procedure for doing this, but how do I do it
manually? In other words, does someone know what the command line
instructions that the Jamfiles are converted to? I think there's a
verbose mode for bJam, but I don't think that will help since I've
never been able to get the documentation building stuff working.

I have xsltproc, java, doxygen, and fop installed on my system. I
just need what the actual command lines needed are to convert a given
XML file to the HTML/PDF result.

Daryle Walker
Mac, Internet, and Video Game Junkie
darylew AT hotmail DOT com

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