Re: [Boost-docs] Docbook to html optimizations

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Docbook to html optimizations
From: Daniel James (dnljms_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-03-23 10:46:28

On 23 March 2010 09:23, Paul A. Bristow <pbristow_at_[hidden]> wrote:
> Do I really need these new versions?
> offer some Nov 2009 versions - use these?  or?
> I've rebuilt units and maths and SVGplot library in sandbox OK.

I think you've answered your question there.

> But in another example (where I've just added some suggested extra parameters for the logo),
> I get a failure with message (caused by recent suggested <xsl:param>boost.image=Boost ... ;-)

You shouldn't need to add that, the change should have allowed you to
reduce the number of parameters as it does the right thing by default.
I made a further change to Rene's change, so it's not longer
'boost.image'. I mailed the list before making it, but I can't find
the mail in the archives so I guess it didn't get through (probably my
fault, I was changing my email at the time). I'll send another mail
about it soon. But either way, this doesn't sound like it's anything
to do with Steven's patches. I'd just remove the parameter for now.

> fop.render.pdf
> I:\boost-sandbox\tools\quick_auto_dox_index\libs\quick_auto_dox_index\doc\..\bin.v2\doc\msvc-9.0\debug\auto-index-on\thr
> eading-multi\quick_auto_dox_index.modified.pdf
> (document [system-id
> file:/I:/boost-sandbox/tools/quick_auto_dox_index/libs/quick_auto_dox_index/doc/../bin.v2/doc/msvc-9.0/debug/auto-index-
> on/threading-multi/]
>  (validate
>    [error] There can be only one 'rx:outline' element as a child of 'fo:root'.
>    [validation total: 1 error]
> Parse error: Invalid XSL FO source
> 'file:/I:/boost-sandbox/tools/quick_auto_dox_index/libs/quick_auto_dox_index/doc/../bin.v2/doc/msvc-9.0/debug/auto-index
> -on/threading-multi/': 1 error found during validation

That looks like it's caused by invalid docbook. I'd have to see your
documentation files to give you an answer. Btw, are you using fop or
xep? I wouldn't bother with fop, it's never worked for me.


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