Re: [Boost-docs] Docbook to html optimizations

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Docbook to html optimizations
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2010-03-25 12:50:04

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I've rebuilt the SVGPlot docs using Steven's improvements.

(I spent some times ignoring obvious clue before I found that

  $images\my_imate.jpg is not longer allowed in pdfs - it must be $images/ not $images\

 (where the image is in doc.html/images)

(I blame Bill Gates ;-) (again)

and all seems fine in html and pdf. Feels faster - these docs are even bigger than Boost.Units - zillions of tiddly
functions to set uptions).

Now I've got my draft of a guide to this whole toolchain (including auto-indexing, started by John Maddock) working in
html mode. Looks fine, including images :-)

But when I try to create the pdf version with RenderX, I still get this

> > fop.render.pdf
> >
> > eading-multi\quick_auto_dox_index.modified.pdf
> > (document [system-id
> >
> > on/threading-multi/]
> >  (validate
> >    [error] There can be only one 'rx:outline' element as a child of 'fo:root'.
> >    [validation total: 1 error]
> > Parse error: Invalid XSL FO source
> >
> > -on/threading-multi/': 1 error found during validation

I've looked at file quickly, but I can only find 'outline' twice and as expected.



The quick_auto_dox_index.modified.docbook file also looks fine (it there a validation program somewhere?)

So I can't see what is wrong.

> That looks like it's caused by invalid docbook. I'd have to see your
> documentation files to give you an answer.

The docbook is too big (80k and the 250K) to send to the group. how shall I get it to you? zip and send
privately? Commit the whole lot to sandbox (this is my eventual intention, if people think it is/could be helpful).

Or give me some hints on where to look?

Many Thanks


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