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Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] Getting a draft watermark
From: Paul A. Bristow (pbristow_at_[hidden])
Date: 2011-06-16 15:11:33

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> On 16 June 2011 10:49, Paul A. Bristow <pbristow_at_[hidden]> wrote:
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> > Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
> It's hard to say without seeing the file, maybe it's overwritten by something else - I think
> attributes can override 'background-image' attributes even if they don't specify an image, so you
> have missed that.

body {
        background: white; <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
        color: black;
        margin: 0;

is what caused me the grief!

Yes - this is correct - really helpful :-)

(Well actually, no, :-( This behaviour is *really* unhelpful!

"So "background: none" gets you the underlying background, while "background: white" forces a white
according to

I've asked for help on the Doxygen bugzilla site.

Bug 652741

 And O for a compiler that really checks the (dodgy) html syntax, rather than just silently ignoring
all my mistakes.
> The best way to find out is to use your browser's developer tools to inspect the css applied to
the body
> element - for IE you need to install the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar, for Firefox there's
> Chrome comes with it built in, Safari requires you to set some property to get the Develop menu
> 'Safari Develop Menu'), Opera has Dragonfly.

Thanks - that is really useful advice, and I'm now using IE9 with the Dev Toolbar - neat way to
fiddle with things,
and check syntax.

I've finally got a watermark, but only by altering the .css.

(Problem was expecting draft.png in the /html folder, not where I expected, the folder above
containing the .css. Doh!)

I've used a custom Doxygen header.html which includes this line

<body style="background-image: url(../../images/draft.png);">

Or does the stylesheet override this?

> Also, for boostbook, different stylesheets should ideally have different names (i.e. not

agreed - I am just experimenting.

> I'll help with the docbook setup if necessary. What we could possibly do is have a different
> value for draft/sandbox libraries which should make things easier.

This could be really tidy - and useful.

(and a 'standard' way of changing the syntax colouring scheme too - as you have previously

I'd also like to cater for Doxygen Standalone with Doxygen custom reader and footers.

Despite some people disliking Doxygen Standalone, it is much quick to build than the full toolchain.
I believe it should be used at first to check, for example, that all parameters and returns etc. are
documented with \param and \return,
and making sure all Doxygen comments are correct, before trying to build the full docs using



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