[Boost-docs] [quickbook] Phrase templates containing blocks

Subject: [Boost-docs] [quickbook] Phrase templates containing blocks
From: Daniel James (daniel_at_[hidden])
Date: 2013-06-23 09:24:29


I've recently done a little on changing the way phrase and block
templates work for 1.7. My initial version (not in subversion yet)
works by just changing the parser to allow blocks in phrase templates,
and letting the block handling code deal with it. This works okay, but
can be surprising. For example this:

    [template thing[] Text before table. [table]. Text after table.]

    Text before template. [thing] Text after template.


    Text before template.

    Text before table.


    Text after table.

    Text after template.

But I imagine most people would expect:

    Text before template. Text before table.


    Text after table. Text after template.

Does that look right to you? It'll need some changes to implement
that, but it's doable. The problem is, what should happen in a case
like this:

    [template thing1[] Line 1

    Line 2]

    Text before template. [thing1] Text after template.

What do you think that should that be? (Don't think about what it
currently does).


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