Re: [Boost-docs] cross-referencing multiple documents with quickbook

Subject: Re: [Boost-docs] cross-referencing multiple documents with quickbook
From: Stefan Seefeld (stefan_at_[hidden])
Date: 2015-08-05 08:07:19

On 04/08/15 06:04 PM, Daniel James wrote:
> On 18 July 2015 at 16:11, John Maddock <jz.maddock_at_[hidden]> wrote:
>> On 18/07/2015 04:52, Stefan Seefeld wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> is it possible to cross-reference multiple stand-alone documents with
>>> QuickBook ?
>>> I have tried to create a master document that includes the other
>>> documents.
>>> While that works fine, it doesn't display the individual documents'
>>> authors.
>>> (For comparison, DocBook supports separate <info> (including author and
>>> other metadata) for each chapter, section, etc.)
>> I think you would need to make each "chapter" a separate quickbook doc, and
>> then combine them in a single docbook xml book, rather like
>> doc/src/boost.xml
> You can do that in quickbook 1.6, so this is a 'part' (part of a book):


yes, I have been using modular quickbook documents successfully. What I
haven't been able to do is have each (sub-)document have its own author,
and have those displayed in the resulting (html, pdf) document. The
component authors were simply ignored in my case.

Do you have an example of that use-case, i.e. where each part / chapter
/ whatever has a different author, which get translated to boostbook
such that each boostbook chapter also contains the respective author ?

On a slightly unrelated point: I read in
that possible document types are 'qandaset', 'reference', etc.
This intrigued me as I was writing a FAQ, so a qandaset seemed
appropriate (from a DocBook perspective). However, QuickBook doesn't
seem to have any markup that maps to qandaset elements. (And neither
reference elements for that matter). Can you give an example on how to
use qandaset in QuickBook ?


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