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From: Rene Rivera (grafik.list_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-20 23:11:54

I just made another change to cw-tools.jam to fix the most current
errors about file not found.

Stephen W. Carson wrote:
> I am rerunning right now with --toolsets=cw so I should pick up your
> updated jam file, (thanks!).

Eventually you'll want to run with --toolsets=cw-9_3 so that the version
number shows up on the tables.

> One question about the reports. I noticed that when I finally got CW to
> generate a report my most recent darwin (gcc) results were removed from
> the report. To have both sets of results up there at once do I have to
> run them at the same time with "--toolsets=cw,darwin"?
> If there is any way to be able to run them at separate times without
> blowing away the results from the other toolset I would like to know. My
> original plan remains the most convenient for me which is to alternate
> each day between the two toolsets. (Though, for now, I will run CW in a
> tight loop while we're still dealing with initial tool issues).

I think this is an effect of the default for to run in
"full" mode. In that mode the script will clean out any previous tests
and starts fresh. Hence when you run, for example, --toolsets=darwin it
will delete whatever was there before which in your case are the results
o --toolsets=cw.

You have two options... If you want to keep running in full mode. You'll
have to use two different runner IDs, one for each type of run you do.
Or you can run in incremental mode with "--incremental". Which won't
delete previous results. As the docs mention is has the benefit making
your runs faster. But the drawback that it might not catch all changes.

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