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From: Stephen W. Carson (StephenC_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-01-21 12:48:07

Rene Rivera wrote:

> I just made another change to cw-tools.jam to fix the most current
> errors about file not found.

    Thanks. I'm not sure if my run last night would have picked that up.
I started it at 21:42 CST.

> Stephen W. Carson wrote:
>> I am rerunning right now with --toolsets=cw so I should pick up your
>> updated jam file, (thanks!).
> Eventually you'll want to run with --toolsets=cw-9_3 so that the
> version number shows up on the tables.

    I'm assuming "eventually" means that I shouldn't start right now.
You're only updating cw-tools.jam and not cw-9_3-tools.jam for now,
right Rene?

> You have two options... If you want to keep running in full mode.
> You'll have to use two different runner IDs, one for each type of run
> you do. Or you can run in incremental mode with "--incremental". Which
> won't delete previous results. As the docs mention is has the benefit
> making your runs faster. But the drawback that it might not catch all
> changes.

    How about I try to get the benefit of both? I'll switch to using
incremental for my runs throughout the week, but I'll do a full run once
on the weekend to make sure everything gets cleaned out and I'm not too
far behind in catching changes.
    Of course, if it is obvious that I'm missing some change then let me
know and I'll do a full run next time.

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