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From: Martin Wille (mw8329_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-04-17 10:36:29

John Maddock wrote:
>> I have deleted a couple of test results which looked outdated for
>> various reasons. So, the symptoms should go away for now. However, the
>> cause stays unknown (and I currently don't have enough time to
>> investigate this thoroughly).
> The problem is still there, actually two problems:
> unicode_iterator_test is failing at runtime with gcc-2.95.3, but passes
> when run locally on my machine (I'm fairly sure that the error shown may
> have been a real issue at some point, but shouldn't be now IMO).

The test binary for unicode_iterator_test/gcc-2.95.3 and the associated
XML file on my Machine date back to 2004-02-15. Why doesn't it get
rebuilt when there was a code change to fix the errors? Could this be a
result of a failure in building some depend code which doesn't cause the
  XML file to get deleted (that's the only idea I have)?

> unicode_iterator_test is shown not building with several compilers, due
> to a Boost.Test change that was fixed a couple of months back (this was
> the original cause of my last message). These failures do not show up
> on the old style test results, only the new style ones. I suspect there
> must be some old/stale xml results sitting on Martins hard drive that
> are confusing the postprocessing (at Martins end that is). Martin can
> you try deleting the whole regex build-tree and see if that clears
> things?

I'll delete the build- and the test-tree after the current run.

   If you've already done this recently, then obviously the cause
> must be elsewhere: are the xml results placed anywhere else by the
> python driver script?

I have only deleted the results for some of the tests. I didn't see that
this one is outdated, too.

I don't use the python script for running the tests (I'll use it when I
set up tests on another system). For collecting and uploading the
new-style results I use one of the python scripts. However, since the
old binary and the old XML file both exist in my filesystem, the error
likely is somewhere in the build-system or its testing subsystem.


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