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From: Jim Douglas (jim_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-27 15:49:53

The major problems with the QNX6 gcc 3.3.5 compiler and Dinkum library
(qcc_cpp tools) have been identified in the filesystem, data_time and
archive libraries. See other threads for details.

The majority of the failures with the GNU library (qcc_gpp) are due to
the fact that the wide char support is not being detected/identified

Residual problems with qcc_cpp:

1. config/config_test
This will never pass in its current form because the QNX configuration
does not match the expected/typical configuration. However it does not
serve as a predictor of compatibility as almost everything else passes.
So what is this test trying to prove?

2. iostreams/mapped_file_test
Needs further investigation. The error suggests that the required
functionality is missing.

3. iterator/interoperable_fail (will never pass)
This fails for the same reasons given under linux for the gcc compiler.

4. lambda/member_pointer_test
Needs more investigation

5. numeric/ubalas/test3
Many compiler errors - suggestions please?

6. pool/test_pool_alloc
Fails with a memory segment violation. QNX is very hot on memory
protection. More investigation needed.

7. python
The failures are due to a lack of cxxabi.h (in the Dinkum library) and
the substitute code does not work either. More work...

8. random/random_test
Many failures - suggestions please?

9. regex/concept check
Failure in 'as'. I am consulting with QNX.

10. thread/test_mutex/_lib
On the surface this failure might suggest a bug. pthread support is
generally good. More investigation.

11. type_traits/is_abstract_test (will never pass)
Compiler deficiency - see linux

12. wave/test_wave
Linker runs out of memory! Consulting with QNX.

Any help gratefully received
Jim Douglas

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