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From: John Maddock (john_at_[hidden])
Date: 2005-10-31 05:50:43

> The majority of the failures with the GNU library (qcc_gpp) are due to
> the fact that the wide char support is not being detected/identified
> correctly.

What specifically are the issues? The GNU C++ std lib should be
automatically detected and configured. Or are there some C headers missing?

> 1. config/config_test
> This will never pass in its current form because the QNX configuration
> does not match the expected/typical configuration. However it does not
> serve as a predictor of compatibility as almost everything else passes.
> So what is this test trying to prove?

The test passes only if Boost.Config is set correctly.

Looking at your results (BTW shouldn't you be testing the CVS HEAD, we
probably shouldn't be making too many substantive changes to the release
branch at this stage for a new compiler), I see that the first failure is
because there is no nl_types.h. QNX is basically lying here: nl_types.h is
*required* for any system defining _XOPEN_VERSION == 500 (as QNX apparently
does), so BOOST_HAS_NL_TYPES_H gets set in posix_features.hpp.

Maybe you could cd into libs/config and do a:

./configure --enable-test

and report the results.

But... will the results be consistent for all QNX "platforms", at least as
far as OS headers etc go?



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