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From: Thomas Witt (witt_at_[hidden])
Date: 2006-06-06 00:56:05

Bronek Kozicki wrote:
> Thomas Witt wrote:
>> vc-6_5
>> vc-6_5-stlport
>> vc-7_0
>> vc-7_1-stlport
>> msvc-7.1
>> msvc-8.0
> do we need this inconsistency in toolset names (vc- vs. msvc- ) ? What about
> vc-7_0-stlport ? What about vc-6_5-dinkum ? Do we have toolset for Digital Mars ?

For some of those we simply don't have tests. I choose not to include
Digital Mars because it's still way off.

>> mingw-3_4_2
>> mingw-3_4_5
> What about mingw-3_4_2-stlport and mingw-3_4_5-stlport ?

Are you still running mingw-3_4_4-stlport-5_0 we could add that to the list.

> I ask because I might be able (in some, not well defined, future) to run tests
> for almost any (but not all - I have not enough CPU power) of these.

Sorry but the cut-off date for testing platforms is now. Begging _might_
push it to the day after tomorrow.


Thomas Witt

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