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From: David Abrahams (dave_at_[hidden])
Date: 2007-03-26 18:07:08

on Mon Mar 26 2007, Roland Schwarz <> wrote:

> David Abrahams wrote:
>> 1. Is it possible that the version or the toolset name contains a dash
>> (it always used to be possible to make a toolset name containing a
>> dash, c.f. intel-win)
> True.
>> 2. If one substring is numeric, does that necessarily constitute the
>> version number?
> No. As I understand it: It depends, on the ability to deduce the feature
> from an implicit value (the version identifier in this case).
>> 3. When invoking the toolset's "init" rule to configure it, what
>> should I do with any additional dash-separated substrings?
> You would need to deduce the features from the values and then
> put it into the using rule. (Which clearly is infeasible.)
> So the only workable solution I can see at the moment:
> 1) scan off the toolset property from the string, by making use
> of the feature module.

No, that doesn't work for autoconfiguration, because IIUC the values
of <toolset> are created by calls to "using toolsetname". This
feature is supposed to work without any setup of xxx-config.jam.

> 2) Knowing the toolset try to infer the version from the string
> by making use of feature expansion again.

That won't work either, because as you noted earlier, the feature
module depends on having had the allowed subfeature values specified

> 3) If we were not able to consume the whole string

"consume the whole string?"

> _and_ need to autoconfigure,

How do we know if we "need to autoconfigure?"

> print a warning and let the
> toolset take care of autoconfiguration.

"let the toolset take care of autoconfiguration?"

> If this does not work we
> will get an error in a later stage. If it works we are fine.
> 4) In the other case we did not need to autoconfig, and passing
> toolset version to "using" will select the correct toolchain
> from user-config.jam, or we were able to consume the whole
> string and there are no additional subfeatures the user
> intended to pass on.
> I certainly would like to assist if you need a helping hand,
> but unfortunately I think am still not knowledgeable enough to
> understand the code sufficiently good.

Rene is right; we need to decide on stricter conventions for toolset,
etc., naming

Dave Abrahams
Boost Consulting

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